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DUCGe4S-256 (AC adapter included)


DUCGe4S-256 is a compatible docking station for Surface PRO 4. It features a DisplayPort for video connection, 3-port USB3.0 SuperSpeed hub, PRO 4 Charging function, a gigabit ethernet port, and an embedded 256GB SSD. The patented side mounted design does not restrict viewing angle. Even when DUCGe4S is attached, PRO 4 is free to recline at any angle for your comfort viewing. In fact the DUCGe4S can be laid down flat with PRO 4 to create a perfectly horizontal surface for drawing application. A "sign of life" LED is provided to give early visual indication the PRO 4 is powering up. When powering the PRO 4 down, hold the power button until the "Sign of Life" LED Is OFF to ensure completer shutdown. A blue LED on DUCGe4S is to indicate the PRO 4 is charging fine. New "JUMP START" circuit is used to wake up a deeply discharged PRO 4 battery. Press the "RESET" button for a second when AC adapter is plugged in will activate "JUMP START" circuit. A Gigabit Ethernet port is provided for stable wired ethernet connection many IT professionals want. The DUCGe4S version provides an additional SSD to increase storage capacity and to safeguard the user data. When the data is stored inside the DUCGe4S, users can also pass the data from one PRO4 to another PRO4 easily. Power supply is included. 1 year warranty when purchased here in this site.
1) Sign of Life LED
2) 3 port USB3.0 hub, self-powered or bus powered
3) 1 USB2.0 port, self-powered or bus powered
4) Gigabit ethernet port
5) Standard charging DC 2.0mm barrel jack.
6) PRO 4 Charging function when AC adapter is plugged in.
7) 256GB of SSD
9) 36W Power Supply.
10) Purchased at this site, eTauro offers a 1 year warranty much better than the 30days Amazon offers.


By DinaHaines on

This thing is perfect and makes my life significantly easier. It would have 5-stars if not for the magnets coming loose and having to reattach.
The additional USB ports and Ethernet port have made using the surface more convenient while traveling.
I have to travel along many counties on behalf of my company assignment writing service.