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DUCGe4 Package (AC Adapter Included)


DUCGe4 is a compatible docking station for Surface PRO 4. It features a DisplayPort for video connection, 3-port USB3.0 SuperSpeed hub, PRO 4 Charging function and a gigabit ethernet port. The patented side mounted design does not restrict viewing angle. Even when DUCGe4 is attached, PRO 4 is free to recline at any angle for your comfort viewing. In fact the DUCGe4 can be laid down flat with PRO 4 to create a perfectly horizontal surface for drawing application. A "sign of life" LED is provided to give early visual indication the PRO 4 is powering up. When powering the PRO 4 down, hold the power button until the "Sign of Life" LED Is OFF to ensure complete shutdown. A blue LED on DUCGe4 is to indicate the PRO 4 is charging fine. New "JUMP START" circuit is used to wake up a deeply discharged PRO 4 battery. Press the "RESET" button on DUCGe4 for a second when AC adapter is plugged in will activate "JUMP START" circuit. A Gigabit Ethernet port is provided for stable wired ethernet connection many IT professionals want. Power supply is included. 1 year warranty when purchased here in this site.
1) Sign of Life LED
2) 3 port USB3.0 hub, self-powered or bus powered
3) 1 USB2.0 port, self-powered or bus powered
4) Gigabit ethernet port
5) Standard charging DC 2.0mm barrel jack.
6) PRO 4 Charging function when AC adapter is plugged in.
7) 36W Power Supply.
8) Purchased at this site, eTauro offers a 1 year warranty versus the 30days Amazon offers.


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